Short trip journal in the middle of fjords in Norway. With Enrica, Andrea and Francesca.


15 August 2004  (Vicenza-Bergamo), Sandefjord – Geilo: 261 Km
Departure from Vicenza by car for the airport of Orio al Serio, Bergamo. Here we have the Rayanair flight to Oslo-Torp, but be careful,… the Torp airport is “only” 120 km from the capital!
The airport is close to Sandefjord, where we have to stop after less than an hour of scrub, because the Hertz Ford Focus reports an engine problem. The mechanic says everything is fine and we can continue, meanwhile we have lost precious time …
Unfortunately the first day is gray and a fine but continuous rain accompanies us until the evening. We head towards the coast and in the evening we arrive in Geilo, a well-known Norwegian ski resort. We spend the night in a splendid mini wooden apartment in a small complex with an adjoining restaurant. The rooms are cheap but the dinner makes up for it, even if the roast lamb is splendid!

Torild Bryplass – Hakkeset
3580 Geilo – Norway
Tel. +47 32 09 09 20
and -mail:

August 16, 2004  Geilo – Brimnes – Oystese – Bergen – Evanger: 323 Km, 1 ferry
The weather, even today, is not good. The sky is gray and the rain comes and goes. We resume the journey towards the coast and more precisely towards Bergen. We cross a rather barren and desolate protected area, but we are unable to enjoy the landscape. It is also cold.
We take the first ferry and arrive in Bergen. The city is very lively. It is full of young people, crowded squares, crowded shops. One immediately perceives that the city is a sought-after tourist destination. We begin the tour by taking a small rubber train that takes us to visit some salient corners. At the end, fortunately it no longer rains, so we can freely wander around the city. The old part of Bryggen is very particular, made up of a picturesque set of colorfully colored wooden buildings, declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1979. Another particular attraction are the Torget fish markets, where they also sell whale steaks,…
The hotels are fully booked. It is full of tourists looking for an overnight accommodation. We decide to get out of the city and search along our path.
We find a guest house just before Evanger, a two-story wooden house. We share the kitchen with an Israeli family. We do not find any restaurant, inn, trattoria, sandwich shop, decent fast-food within several kilometers from the town where we are. It may seem strange but in Norway, unless you are in big cities, it is difficult to find good places to dine; only fast food or small restaurants with precooked foods….

17 August 2004
Evanger – Voss – Naeroy fyorden – Flam – Sogndal: 157 Km, 2 ferries
The main destination of the day is the Naeroy fyorden, one of the most famous Norwegian fjords. We get there in the middle of the morning, take a boat (without a car) and walk along the two most famous arms. It is very beautiful, the weather today is clear and the view is very fascinating. Striking are the rock walls overlooking the sea that rise for hundreds of meters on both sides and the color of the dark blue waters. In the narrowest stretches you can also reach passages with only 200-300 meters of water. Here and there you can see tiny hamlets of houses with particular red roofs. Leaving the Naeroy we continue our journey to the north crossing another fjord and skirting others …
In the evening we find a nice cabbin at Lem’s bungalows. Bungalows or private rooms are often referred to as “Hytte”. The structure is made up of many wooden houses scattered in the middle of a pine forest that descends to the sea. Fantastic! With a disposable barbecue we can make a good barbecue for everyone!

Lem´s Bungalows
6854 Kaupanger – Norway
Tel. / Fax +47 57 67 91 07

August 18, 2004
Sogndal – Olden – Briksdal – Geiranger – Geiranger Fyord – Stranda: 282 Km, 1 ferry
We leave Sogndal direct to the Geiranger fjord, one of the most scenic and famous fjords according to guidebooks and tourist brochures. The route runs alongside several fjords and small villages, we also cross a  “greggie” of goats. We leave the road that runs alongside the Innvik fjorden to head to Briksdal; we are at the beginning of the Jostedalsbreen national park, in a beautiful valley with a small lake in the middle. Here you can not only look at, but also touch the fantastic Briksdal glacier. Park at the end of the road and with a 30-40 minute walk you will reach the main glacial tongue. If you want, there are some very hateful four-wheel drive vehicles, which shuttle between the parking lot and the glacier, disturbing those who want to enjoy the splendid spectacle. The ice has unusual and fascinating shapes of a soft blue color. It is worth taking the time to visit this beautiful corner of Norway.
We continue our journey, the road begins to climb until we reach a desolate pass. A dirt and unprotected detour goes up to the top; from here you can enjoy a wonderful 360 degree panorama of the surrounding mountains, glaciers and the Geiranger fjord at the bottom of the valley.
In the evening we arrive in Stranda, to avoid, nothing interesting. Not even a decent place to dine. In Norway, unless you are in large centers you cannot find restaurants where you can eat typical: only fast food or bad restaurants with precooked or fried foods.

19 August 2004
Stranda – Alesund – Molde – Vevang – Averoya – Kristiansund – Kanestraum – Henneset: 282 Km, 4 ferries
After another ferry we arrive in Alesund. Beautiful city by the sea. It is positioned on a kind of promontory with water on both sides and with a hill overlooking the city. The sky is blue, the sun is bright and the air is fresh: wonderful!
We leave Alesund, pass through Molde and take the Atlantic road. A path by the sea on promontories and islands connected by bridges. Very beautiful! In Kristiansund we take yet another ferry and what is very unusual is a tunnel that passes under the fjord! Under the sea! Strange … not a good impression!
We find a bungalow overlooking the Halsafjorden in Henneset. In front of the house, a freshly mown lawn slowly slopes down, a small grove and then the sea. The quiet, the scent of the grass and the colors of the sunset create a surreal atmosphere… it seems to be in a movie.

20 August 2004
Henneset – Trondheim – Lillehammer: 487Km Busy
day, we must necessarily arrive in Lillehammer, a famous Olympic location. We stop to visit Trondheim, the northernmost city reached throughout the trip.
The center is very nice. The area of ​​the bryggen, restored and transformed into restaurants and clubs is very colorful and lively. The very impressive Gothic cathedral. Here too, as in Bergen, there are many young people around.
Unfortunately, time is short and the visit is superficial, if you have time it is worth dedicating time to this characteristic Nordic town. In Lillehammer we find two rooms at the campsite of the same name.

Lillehammer Camping AS
Dampsagveien 47
2609 Lillehammer
Tel. +47 61 253 333

21 August 2004
Lillehammer – Oslo – Drammen – Vestby: 315 Km
Lillehammer is a small town, famous for its winter sports and the Winter Olympics of…. . We visit the center quickly and head to Oslo. At the first camping we cross, we discover that it is sold out. From here we call pretty much all the other Oslo campsites and eventually find a cabbin in Vestby 30km south of central Oslo. We practically lose half a day for this mistake, but at least in the end we have found a place to spend the next two nights. We can say that we have never had problems finding rooms or bungalows, except in Oslo and Bergen. Probably in other periods of the year, not even in these two major tourist destinations, it is difficult to find availability.
We like Oslo very much. The center is full of shops, bars and restaurants. Most of the people you meet on the streets are very young. We also meet the queen who comes out of the university … The renovated pier (Aker Brygge) used as a shopping center and restaurants in front of the town is beautiful.

Overnight in the beautiful cabbin of:
Vestby Hyttepark
Sørligård Farmen
1540 Vestby
Tel. +47 64 95 98 00

22 August 2004
Vestby – Oslo – Vestby: 94 Km
Second day of visit to Oslo.
Oslo is not the size of large European capitals such as Rome, Paris or London, but two days to visit it are not enough: there are many interesting museums. We therefore made choices and visited only the museums and monuments that most attracted us.
Among the many we visited the National Gallery ( Nasjonalgalleriet ), with the famous scream of Munch (one of the four), the castle and the fortress of Akershus only from the outside because the visiting hours are somewhat reduced!
In the Bygdoy peninsula the Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskipshuset) and the Norwegian Folklore Museum ( Norsk Folkemuseum). We weren’t able to see the cathedral due to construction… It will be for next time!
Oslo is very expensive. While Norway generally isn’t particularly different from post-Euro Italy, Oslo is! Parking, food, tickets, everything is extraordinarily expensive! If you are planning to visit this city put it into account.

23 August 2004
Vestby – Moss – Lufthavn Torp Airport (Sandefjord): 66Km, 1 ferry
Orio al Serio Airport (Bergamo) – Vicenza
Day dedicated to the return to Italy. We leave the campsite, take the last ferry and return the car to Hertz without any problems.
At check-in, a fussy Rayanair employee makes us unpack to find the fateful 20Kg and finally we take the flight to Bergamo. From here it is only a formality … two little hours and we are in Vicenza.

Total kilometers traveled approximately:  2267 km  in 9 days

Maps, guides & useful bibliography:
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Various publications found in the excellent local tourist offices.

Official website of Norwegian tourism
Site with all Norwegian campsites, you can download the guide in pdf:

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