Wedding photos

During my studies I worked for a photographer. It was a great opportunity to enlarge my knowledge, test a lot of different brand cameras and lenses and get in touch with a lot of people.

At the beginning I assisted the photographer during a lot of wedding events. We shotted in churches, civil halls, garden, villa, downtown and restaurants. After an initial period as a second photographer I took the lead for many services.

Wedding photo services are different than take pictures to friend, family or during holidays. There are many aspect only with experience you can master.

You have to be sure to obtain a good result in any conditions. Wedding can happen in a sunny day but in a rainy too… You can find a beautiful bride …or not 🙁 You can have equipment issue and you cannot ask to repeat the wedding! You have to know all ceremony points, all habits, traditions you have to shot.

When I worked in wedding events there weren’t digital camera yet. We used reflex 35mm film cameras. I can guarantee you it was more and more complicated respect digital camera. For example you cannot finish the film in your camera during the ring exchange!