Boat trip in Venice lagoon

A boat trip from Chioggia to Murano Burano and Torcelli islands, turning around Venice in a sunny day at the end of Italian summer.

In Chioggia a cruiser company organize different trip in Venice lagoon. We took the boat who brought us first to Murano: a joint of different islands connected by bridges, famous for the hand mand glass making. We visited a laboratory where we observed an artisan made a nice vase and a little horse.

Later we took the boat and moved to Burano another famous island for his coloured houses and lace work.

We took again the boat and finally reached Torcello: known as the parent island from wich Venice was populated, with an old cathedral.

Late in the afternoon we boated back to Chioggia.

There weren’t too much people respect same period before Covid pandemic. We well visited these beautifull islands and enjoyed the boat trip overlooking the lagoon. Weather was fantastic, sun and blue sky all day, warm and dry.

Cruise company: Raffaello Navigazione